DDD -Show; week 1 

Uur 1 : 1.We want you on the floor – Lake Side 2.Shake down – Evelyn ‘ Champagne ‘ King 3.Naked – Erin Stevenson 4.I like it – Ingram 5.I love your body language – Fatback Band 6.Dance all night – Patrick Boothe 7.The message – Andre Espeut Quintet 8.All American girls – Sister Sledge 9.Get it while you can – Bobby Nunn 10.Give me all your love – Stephen Richard ft.Kiland 11.My secret fantasy – The Controllers.

Uur 2 : 1.Feel my love – Laurice Hudson 2.Fun city – Vernon Burch 3.Keep the fire burning – Gwen McCrae 4.I just don’t know – Avery Sunshine 5.He’s a freak,undercover – Fatback Band 6.Anything goes – T-Connection 7.Streetbeat – The Deele 8.Deliver the love – Phyllis Hymann 9.A beautiful forever – Raymond Barton ft.Kia Bennett 10.Contagious – The Whispers.

DDD -Show; week 2 

Uur 1 :1.Right in the socket – Shalamer 2.Do it up – MCB 3.Right on time – The APX 4.Midnight – Louis Johnson 5.Struck gold – Crown Heights Affair 6.What’s good for the gender – Jermaine Jackson 7.Movin’ on – Glenn Dorsey & Big J 8.Young girl – Janet Jackson 9.Say you’ll be mine – Cheryl Lynn 10.Gratitude – Maverick Gaitner 11.Body lovers – Con Funk Shun.

Uur 2 :1.Sexy lady – Gary Toms Empire 2.Magic number – Herbie Hancock 3.I’ve got my mind made up – Instant Funk 4.You are in my system – Mather 5.You don’t need a lot of money – Crown Heights Affair 6.Take me in your arms – Teddy Pendergrass ft. Stephanie Mills 7.Theme from ‘Which way is up’ – Stargard 8.Dancing – The Soultrend Orchestra ft. Groovy Sistas 9.We’re not making love – Zalon 10. Computer love – Zapp.  The Lovely Larissa Larissa was special guest in this edition of the DDD Show!